Hugh MUIR born 1829-07-13 at Straiton, Ayr, married on 1856-06-20 at Ayr, Scotland
Janet MITCHELL born 1835-09-17 in the county of Ayr, Scotland.

The MUIR family came to Dunedin with their first four children on the ship "Andrew Jackson" arriving 1864-07-17. They had 11 children in all:

Mary MUIR (1857-1927) married Thomas Aitchison, 1876-03-01
Agnes MUIR (1859- ) married John Phinn, 1881-01-19
Elizabeth MUIR (1861- ) married ? Lindsay
Janet MUIR (1863-1867) died in Dunedin, aged 4 years
William MUIR (1865- )
Catherine Grace MUIR (1867-1941) married Frank Lambeth, 1901.10.23
Hugh Alexander MUIR (1869-1871)
John Mitchellson MUIR (1871- ) (twin) "Jack" Muir moved to Sydney, Australia
Jessie MUIR (1871-1875) (twin) died aged 4 years
George Alexander MUIR (1873- )
Nina Aitchison MUIR (1877- ) married ? Quinn

Walter H. Aitchison, a son of Hugh and Janet's eldest daughter Mary, visited his uncle and cousins in Scotland at the end of the first World War. Three letters written by Walter are still in existence.

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