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Big Fat Cartoon NEWS:


Heavy Gear Animated

The Heavy Gear video game is going to be an animated TV series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Family Entertainment has picked up the rights to the game and will create a 40-episode animated series that will launch in fall 2000 on the Bohbot Kids Network. Heavy Gear’s premise is set 4000 years into the future on the planet Terra Nova where various factions armed with "Heavy Gear" to do battle.



Other Bird Projects

In addition to signing on as helmer of the eventual Curious George live-action film project, Iron Giant director Brad Bird, has a few other projects on his plate. According to Variety, two of them are:

The Incredibles

An animated feature for Warner Bros. This film will focus on a family of superheroes. Bird is writing and will direct the project.

Ray Gunn

Another animated feature, though this one is being shopped around for a home. The trade reports that this was originally in development at Turner Pictures. It is described as a cross between Buck Rogers and Raymond Chandler taking place in a streamlined city of the future. The potential feature has a script by Bird and Matthew Robbins.


New Superman Series To Debut This Year

Warner Bros. Online and Brilliant Digital Entertainment are poised to launch the internet's first 3-D Animation channels and Superman is set to be the network's leading man.

A recent WB press release revealed that Superman: The Menace of Metallo will be among the first titles to air on the channel called The Multipath Movie Channel.

The channel will be part of WB's new Entertaindom website. Superman will be one of six Multipath movies produced by Brilliant for the new venture. Other titles will feature Warner characters as well, which could include Looney Tunes characters and Batman among others.

Jim Moloshok, President of Warner Bros. Online, commented, "Brilliant's 3-D animated programming is one of the leading technologies that will allow Warner Bros. Online to bring the new age of entertainment to the Internet audience. It delivers the excitement, interactivity, ease of use and speed of downloads necessary to satisfy the ever growing mainstream online user."



Mr. Monster Crossing Fingers For TV!

C2F's all-time favorite comic book character, Mr. Monster, may be headed to a Saturday morning TV near you some day! Our buddy Beau Yarbrough interviewed Mr. Monster creator Michael T. Gilbert in his outstanding Comic Wire column on Comic Book Resources. Although the write-up extensively covers Gilbert's plans for the character, there was one item that was of particular interest to readers here. Gilbert told Yarbrough, "Mr. Monster has also been optioned by Nelvana studios as a possible animated cartoon series. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed." Yee-hah!



Kamandi Animated Series

One of Jack Kirby's most oddball creations of the '70s was a science fiction comic series called Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth. It told the adventures of the last young man in a world ruled over by intelligent animals... like Planet of the Apes with dogs, lions, tigers, bears, etc. added in. Having said that, is it possible this esoteric comic might make the jump to animated TV series? It will if Bruce Timm (Batman Beyond) has anything to say about it. While talking to the Detroit News Comic Book Continuum, Timm revealed that he had already made a pitch to Kids' WB which was turned down. Timm says, "Actually, Kamandi is not dead. In fact, we are looking at possibly doing a Kamandi pilot for Cartoon Network."

Timm also revealed details of his pitch saying, "I've always thought that Kamandi would make just an excellent kids cartoon, [b]ut I actually went back and re-read them and went, 'Wow, this is really pretty violent.' But it's fantasy violence. It's Jonny Quest on the Planet of the Apes. That's kind of how I pitched it to them. And they went, 'Oooh!' and they liked that idea."

Unfortunately, they ended up turning it down because the series wouldn't appeal to female viewers as well as Timm's insistence on animating the series so it looked exactly the way Jack Kirby drew it.

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